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Client Testimonials

A family of raccoons moved into the attic during a construction project in Des Moines.  Derek came out on a Friday afternoon and the raccoons were out within 24 hours.

Derek quickly removed several large beavers that were cutting our trees down.

A huge raccoon climbed up my house and tore a hole in my soffit! It wouldn’t leave.  It was right by my front door!  I called and Polk County Wildlife Control was able to help!

About Polk County Wildlife Control

Polk County Wildlife Control is a privately owned for-profit nuisance wildlife and pest control business based out of Ankeny, Iowa and services the greater Des Moines, Iowa area. Services we offer in the greater Des Moines area include raccoon removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal, woodchuck removal, beaver removal, animal damage control, pest control, and other various nuisance wildlife control.  Our goal is to use our experience with wildlife and animal ecology to help not only resolve your current pest, but also help mitigate future conflicts with other pests. 

When we're not working, we typically enjoy being outdoors and have helped with various programs aimed to help youth get involved in the outdoors.

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